Kristen de Guzman: Women in Leadership, Goal Setting and Sustainable Fashion

Kristen de Guzman
We sat down with our dear friend and fellow boss-lady, Kristen de Guzman and had a long chat on, what happened to be, the day we inaugurated our first female Vice President. While our intention was to share tips on goal setting and sustainable fashion - we were also able to cover many topics on the significance of that moment in both of our lives. At just 22, this lifestyle blogger, Thirst Project Business Developer, and general bada$$ woman - is wise beyond her years and we just love talking to her. Check out the full video interview at the end of this post or skim through these topics from Kristen directly below.
Organizing goals for the year:

Goal-setting can be such an intimidating feat, especially at the beginning of the year when you see everyone else diving into it! In full disclosure, we are in a pandemic and in the middle of an unprecedented economic crisis, so it is more than okay if you are not in the mindset to set goals or are not enthused about setting ambitious goals. I have personally taken a different approach to my goals this year: I am investing my time in 1) things that make me money, 2) things that keep me creative, and 3) things that keep me healthy/fit! It is as simple as that. I list out more granular goals underneath each category, but it is a simple way to organize goals.

Forgiving yourself for not following through with steps to reach goals:

I would be lying if I said I followed through with every single goal I have ever set! I am definitely a woman of my word, but over the past few years I have learned something important. We must give ourselves grace and be okay with just “being!” Having time to rest, be unproductive, and just be present is crucial for having the proper headspace and energy to go chase those goals.
How to live a sustainable fashion life and how one can get started:

Sustainable practices in fashion can be easily compartmentalized by the pyramid graphic below — it’s a twist on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. One of the biggest misconceptions in incorporating sustainable practices in your fashion choices is that you need to start by buying new pieces from sustainable brands. Not true! The most sustainable piece of fashion you could ever have is what you already own. As you move up the pyramid, there are other options before choosing to buy new: borrow, swap, thrift, make. If you choose to buy new, that’s when it’s time to consider buying from brands that produce sustainably and ethically.
There are two big concepts to acknowledge when talking about sustainable fashion. First, it is absolutely a privilege to shop from sustainable brands — one should never shame others for not always buying from sustainable brands. Sometimes, sustainable brands have a higher price point because they use ethically sourced materials and pay their artisans fair wages. Because of this, sustainable brands might not be accessible because they are not in everyone’s budget. Secondly, it is okay to incorporate sustainable practices imperfectly. It’s okay if not every brand in your closet is sustainable or ethically made. It’s already in your closet, and that’s the most sustainable piece you can use. Simply put, incorporating sustainable fashion choices in your lifestyle means to “Buy less, choose well, and make it last.”

Top 5 Sustainable Brands
 MATE the Label​ (code 20KRISTEND for 20% off)
 Girlfriend Collective
 For Days
 Ana Luisa
 Boyish Jeans
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